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Because my boyfriend and I agreed on one thing, and that’s that men get largely ignored in this whole ‘love yourself’ movement.
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Straight girls just be flirting with lesbians like it’s nothing. Bitch I will really fuck you.

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Today in purposeful scribbling
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Real talk guys. This is my nana, Jean Southern. I went around to hers to do what we usually do on Saturdays; drink tea, play Scrabble and talk about random shite. One time I showed her this image and I swear she damn near pissed herself and that’s the story of how I had a conversation with my nana about how she wished she called Daniel Radcliffe a cunt.
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scrolling through my dash like


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Can we talk about this for a second?
This is probably one of the saddest moments in Homestuck for me; it didn’t hit me immediately, but when they re-appeared on Vriska’s ship

they played dress-up

and they never seperated from each other

even when they left Vriska’s party

and let’s not forget

and I started thinking.
These two were happier in the same body, weren’t they? They synergised, unlike Eridan and Sollux; they, or rather she, was happy.
And then she exploded.
They were happy for the first time since they started playing, and it was taken away from them.
That’s why they won’t leave the other’s side. They don’t want to forget. They want to go back to their shared body. They want to be happy together.
And now they can’t.
And I think that’s really sad.

why would you do that to my heart?

No, I didn’t need my heart in one peice, that’s fine, really
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“You won’t leave me, rig)(t?”
“ii can’t.”
a clusterfuck of tentacle wires will do that to a man

(oh my god her hair i ship her hair X my monitor OTP)
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